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Short-form animations and visuals that break convention.

Getting noticed by influential people isn’t as hard as you think

An animation of Gary Vee next to his picture.
Created by Food Fight Studios

Go ahead, admit it: you haven’t got the slightest clue who we are.

You see the name Food Fight Studios and wonder if we run a bunch of school cafeterias. It’s fine… just give us a moment while we pick up our shattered egos and collect ourselves.

All joking aside…

9 Steps to Your Animated Masterpiece

FFS Animation — Created by Food Fight Studios

When you hear the word “animation,” what comes to mind? Disney kids movies like Wreck-It Ralph or Wall-e? Maybe a smartphone app with whimsical characters or bright colors or an interactive web page. Animation is one of the most popular, exciting, and fastest-growing industries today. And for good reason.


“No one’s coming to save you.” — David Goggins

image by the Author: Food Fight Studios — Embrace The Suck

David Goggins isn’t known for moderation. He’s known for big goals. Brutal truths. Intense physical and mental development.

David Goggins is a former US Navy Seal and exceptional endurance athlete with a powerful message. He’s motivated millions of people to challenge themselves. He is the only member of the U.S…

Your Startup is Going Better Than Joe De Sena’s First-Ever Event

Unbreakable CEO — Joe De Sena

“ Considering what happened at our first event we should not have continued.” — Joe De Sena Founder and CEO of Spartan Race.

Entrepreneurs have to be gritty, resilient, and passionate. You can’t be “soft.” Successful companies either win the race to find product/market fit or outlast the competition. All…

8 Ways Brands That Can Use Animation — Food Fight Studios

Here’s the deal: doing anything live has become a lot more complicated this year. With COVID-19 ripping through the country, halting day-to-day activities, and dealing a heavy economic blow to businesses, brands have had to rapidly change their course. …

Food Fight Studios

Project Highlights

What we did: Four animated segments for Dreamer, the documentary.

Timeline: 30 days to complete at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results: Global virtual premiere on July 20, 2020, landing the film (and us!) an Emmy Award.

Sara Blakely on the James Altucher Podcast — Food Fight Studios

We often work with founders, authors, speakers, business advisors, investors, and personal development coaches, to help tell their stories and connect with audiences. Their stories inspire us to create immersive and impactful animations to go deep into the narrative and come out the other side with lessons learned.

One story…

Created by Food Fight Studios

One of the exciting projects that we work on here at Food Fight Studios is creating animated podcasts. They give the visual story to the podcast in little snippets of the interview. One of the clients that we create these animated podcast stories for is James Altucher. He interviews people…

The Animated Podcast You Have to Watch

Created by — Food Fight Studios

This week we’re going to share with you how we worked with the Thor of the health and fitness world, Shawn Stevenson to turn his podcast episode Nightmare on Shawn Street into an animation. …

Food Fight Studios

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